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Jul 30, 2014
Teresa Rusin Says:
I wanna live like a Rockstar Vatican Assassin
May 7, 2015
Jake Frierson Says:
Brilliant. Just perfectly brilliant, lol! 
Jul 3, 2015
Brandön Wayne Milliron Says:
Oldie but a goodie!
Nov 4, 2014
Jasmine Morris Says:
I don't cook food. I will it!
Apr 7, 2015
xHaul Plimp Says:
all green things must die lol
May 28, 2015
Lee Peffers Says:
I like how he's started making up his own "chuck norris facts" at this point. Dude may be a sleazeball but dammit if the fucker ain't funny too...
Feb 17, 2015
Daniel A. Smith Says:
Chef Ramsay really needs to see this.
Aug 9, 2014
Nunya Bidness Says:
Thumbs up if you would actually watch this as a series on Food Network.
Apr 10, 2014
Jesus Peace Says:
'my body is a locked box of diamonds, uranium and assassin nobility' nuff said Charlie for President
Jul 2, 2015
chris young Says:
The man is smoking a cigarettes through out the whole video. Talk about cancer
Mar 18, 2015
Edvin Lu Says:
Hi there. I'm getting slightly crazy here. Someone please answer these questions to me. PLEASE: 1. Why are these celebrities filming for this channel? 2. What sorcery is this?
Apr 4, 2015
Sam Lockhart Says:
I imagine any food he makes has, at least, the vaguest taste of cigarette ash.
Feb 24, 2015
00Grunk Says:
All this video does is make me feel depressed because I will never be this awesome :/
Apr 15, 2015
Patrick Nielsen Says:
" All green must die". xD fucking awesome
Jul 1, 2015
LukeMoto Says:
There's not one scene where he's not smoking 😂
Jun 27, 2015
Joshua Davis Says:
I have to go to a cook out at his house, like now.
Nov 5, 2014
Ziwco Nawalean Says:
That`s not a salad....
Feb 20, 2015
RanchWagon Forde Says:
Carlos Estévez para el Presidente
Feb 6, 2015
kozykingjames Says:
I get hungry for a nice meal and a glass of wine after I watch this. 
May 21, 2015
Hamish Wadham Says:
I want a refund of the last 3 minutes of my life.
Apr 21, 2015
Feb 7, 2015
Denver Chandler Says:
I love how he can make fun of himself. Give the man that much credit, at least
Jun 11, 2015
CADJewellerySkills Says:
I'm embarrassed I like this as much as I do.
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