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Mar 10, 2015
Pooltastic Says:
Damn why do I suddenly have such a need to play DA2 again... oh wait.
Feb 23, 2015
Georgia Quick Says:
Felicia day is wife goals 
Mar 24, 2015
Jesse Pinkman Says:
Felicia Day is hotter than any avatar.
Apr 24, 2015
KozmoCSS Says:
Weird seeing her in supernatural, glad they didnt remove her nerdy aura!
Jan 9, 2015
Kevin Plover Says:
I love this show. This music video makes me happy.
Mar 16, 2015
Shen Kai Says:
I remember watching the season 1 of this show all alone in my bedroom 1AM in the night...God those are some weird memories
Dec 25, 2014
Candy Apple Says:
Would everyone just STFU about feminism. Like, it's about equal rights and women being allowed to do what they want. So what if these girls created a sexy music video dressed as MMO avatars. One important aspect of feminism is allowing women to freely express their sexuality however they choose. If this is how they wanna do it, then stfu. When people say, "oh, they're just triggering men and conditioning them to look at women as objects." No, they're just flaunting what they got in a creative way! And if a man gets turned on by this and sexualizes the female in this video, then so what! That's his business. As long as no one gets hurt, I don't see any harm in these women singing and dancing in skimpy outfits. Their body, their right! I love this f$&@ing song!
Mar 23, 2015
Alexandra Forroll Says:
Какой-то онлайн-ситком, сказали… Кто-нибудь смотрел?
Feb 20, 2015
Phoebe McMullan Says:
I was kind of disappointed after watching such a cool video to look at the comments and find only hate for feminists. No actual feminists telling people to cover up, just random comments about how much feminists hate scantily clad women. FYI, we don't. Feminism is about making sure people can do what they want without prevention or bias based on their gender or sex.
Dec 14, 2014
Siggy Cloud Says:
it makes me shudder to think there are actually people who want to date avatars....its just kinda sad.
Oct 16, 2014
Devilsnevercry43 Says:
Am i the only one that doesn't find Felicia good looking at all ?
Jan 17, 2015
DrunkFrank TV Says:
Purple armored asian chick is the hottest one there.
Apr 7, 2015
jack slate Says:
just for a second imagine this playing in a gay club
May 3, 2015
King Brett Says:
i want to date tink, she is hot as fuck
Apr 28, 2015
TimmyTechTV Says:
I'm all about tanking and spanking...
May 23, 2015
Black Heart Says:
She looks like Charlie from SPN
Feb 25, 2015
Christian Robinson Says:
i need a life..
May 15, 2015
moonsovermysun Says:
came back to watch this after finding out about the newest episode of SPN.....cries.
May 7, 2015
TommyDDoom Says:
aww man, that's the kind of song where it's so shit that it's good
Mar 23, 2015
sheek geek reveiws Says:
Apr 18, 2015
DoesItReallyMatterWhatName? Says:
Am I the only one who would choose the asian chick? She looks like she will be a devil in bed and I am not even that much into asians usually.
Apr 13, 2015
Escape Says:
Bullet in my head....
Apr 11, 2015
Pokemonlugia1 Says:
Bladezz is my role model. Bruiser: "Your dick could fit in my ear canal!" Bladezz: "Zing! Shield that!"
Mar 16, 2015
Aurora Nightheart Says:
Felicia is so adorable! COME BACK TO WOW! T.T ((Only assuming she doesn't play anymore))
Apr 24, 2015
jarnevm Says:
It's bein 6 years already... Damn time flies
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